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Paas Easter Egg Notes

This year the package had nine color tablets, the usual six, plus a pink, yellow green, and a more cerulean blue.

  • Red will speckle if left in too long. It also seems to leave the most sediment.

  • The red tends to settle to the bottom of the purple dye, so it should be stirred occasionally.

  • The best green to make is to leave the egg in the yellow green for maximum brilliance, dry, then dip into the "regular" green for one to two minutes.

  • Orange needs a LONG time to make truly brilliant.

  • The green with run and speckle as well if left in for a long time. Be careful with it.

  • Same with the orange, which is a bummer since it does need to be left in while to get brilliant.

  • This year, the red seemed to overpower the purple area I tried to leave out.

  • Despite what the package says, use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to add to the pink. Otherwise the tablet just refuses to dissolve.

Also the following may prove useful for additional ideas and creativity.

  • Leave yourself LOTS of time to do this. Maybe even a couple hours for one dozen eggs.

  • Rubber bands, Scotch Tape, and and even Vaseline and such can be used as resists to leave underlying areas either white or a previously dyed color. Anything that can be easily removed later on.

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