xlittle_sanx (xlittle_sanx) wrote in note_to_self,


Dear Self,

Stop being so dramatic. You keep bitching and rating saying "Nothing is going my wayyyy woe is me!" Just get over it. Some times life sucks. So you ran into an ass hole who challenged you by saying you were trying to scam them when you had just got the payment four days ago and didn't apologize. Stop being so pissy cause a friend was looking out for you, even if she hurt you by telling you not to come out and be proud of being pansexual. Get over the fact that you just lost $5 on a book that you bought, traded, shipped on your OWN money, and then had to refund the person the credit because you were too fucking lazy to check if all the pages were there. Stop moaning and groaning. Get over it. Stop taking everything and obsessing over it. 

Take my advice and just let it go.

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