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Shut up anxiety

Deep breath.
You don't need to internalize everything. Someone being cranky at you doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It's not all about you. I know your emotions are all haywire because you're pmsing, and he's not acting normal, but it's not about you, and if it is, he will come out and tell you. He's a mature individual who wouldn't just give you the silent treatment and expect you to know what you did. He's really stressed at work. This isn't even about you. Tell that horrible scared feeling in the pit of your stomach to fuck off. Better yet, take some anti-anxiety medication. Yeah, that's a good idea. Good job for thinking of that, self.
Deep breath.
It's going to be fine. You're going to be fine. You'll both laugh it off later. Just refocus on your work and wait for the Proponal to kick in.

Hey, Stupid:

Next time you plan on running around during a cold January evening, think again and don't. If you're going to run, make sure it's not around freezing when you do. You start wheezing at the most inconvenient of times.
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New Day.

Today is a new day..

What are your plans today?

Will you be doing the same thing like yesterday?


Will you do something different today?

It is a gift...

take it or leave it.

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Experiment with food dye
In jars of water
Or thin slits of water
Preferably circular
Hanging on string

Experiment with stained glass
In triangular hexagonal shapes
And mirrors
With glass jar backdrop
Horizontal colors 


Next time you eat sausages, take your time over them, appreciate the flavour a bit more and don't wolf them down - then you won't suddenly realise that you barely noticed how much they tasted in your excitement about actually having sausages on your plate, and hence it won't feel like a complete waste of good sausages because you rushed them with barely a thought and then you eat two and you suddenly realise you don't even remember tasting them.
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Dear self,

Why do you let yourself agonise over the vitriol that spewed from his mouth?

He's sleeping soundly, not a single thought spared to you passed what he had to say and what he had, so eloquently, said.

Why are you allowing yourself to lose sleep over it?

You've been here before, snap out of the self-blame and ugly, bitter thoughts!